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Our Story

We have a clear ambition: DNA is here to guide organizations to the next dimension of their business. We support organizations of all shapes and sizes who want to change how they think and work. Our clients choose DNA to become more effective, adaptive, sustainable, meaningful and finally more competitive. We work as coaches, facilitators, academics, psychologists, technologists. Being “corporate silver backs” we have found each other united with the same ambition: working on organizations and helping to reach the next dimension of business.

Our Footprint

We are a group of management consultants with extensive international backgrounds. In the last 20 years DNA managed projects and guided transformation processes in more than 50 countries on 6 continents.

Joachim Döninghaus

Phone : +49 (0) 40 - 413 52278
Email : jd@dna-network.de


Joachim Döninghaus has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant and coach in the field of international development co-operation, leadership development and strategy consulting. Joachim worked 7 years with Metaplan GmbH, a German consulting firm, which beside other participatory techniques invented the facilitation method. He brings a corporate background with profound process knowledge to the table.


Solutions for international organizations aspiring to reach the next business dimension by inventing a new way of working and inspiring a growth oriented mindset on all levels.


Curiosity and focus are the main drivers for sustainable development. Trust creates stability while role clarity and responsibility give orientation to the transformation process.


Klaus Neureuther is an experienced Global Supply Chain Manufacturing Vice President and Top-HR Executive, who successfully led and re-engineered a European manufacturing region. Other industry experience so far: FMCG, e-commerce , HRM-Consulting, Restructuring Advisory, Financial Services.


Solutions for international organizations aspiring to reach the next business dimension by inventing a new way of working and finally improving productivity, profitability and competitiveness, rapidly, reliably, sustainably.


Confidence, credibility and reliability overcome resistance and generate pace in complex transformation processes.


Organizational Development

As the world becomes complex and uncertain we need to build organizations of the future


As organizations are complex human systems, we help to release organizations’ potential by transformation: fast | reliably | sustainably


We need personalities that are able to adapt and make the difference

Leadership excellence

Complexity and uncertainty requires new leaders who are able to reinvent and navigate organizations with the right balance of caring & daring.

Our Services

Our services include a variety of custom-tailored interventions:

Our References

We work for international corporations and midsized companies. In the political space we work for government agencies, foundations and NGOs. We would be happy to provide you with contact details of our references on request.



Siemens Healthineers

Premium Aerotec

Asean Centre for Biodiversity



African Union

United Nations

Our Network

Our associates combines a unique combination of creativity, experience, knowledge but most of all a shared 'can do' attitude to help clients get the very best support, advice and project management to achieve business goals.


New partner on board...

With the launch of our new subsidary dnanalytics.de, we welcome Thomas Geyer as new member of the DNA core team. Thomas is a proven expert in AI technologies and has successfully advised and implemented AI based methodologies in several international enterprise environments. He has an extensive entrepreneurial background in IT technologies and a proven three decade track record in C-Level advisory services.

Somewhere in the Pacific...

It took a while to understand the reasoning behind a European contribution to the young nation of Timor-Leste.
Our humble support was a planning workshop in Dili. ... it makes sense.

être excité … a Cooperative EcoSystem

We have signed a Partnership Agreement with inov-On Expérience, a French company, that is focussed on digital and organizational transformation. We are supporting a „Cooperative Eco- system“, a fundamental transformation process led by inov-On, in one of the top 50 companies of Europe.

Successful restructuring

For 16 months in the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) role we led the debtor-in-possession's operation of its business and implemented a reorganization plan for a mid-size enterprise in the medical sector. The transformation was successfully managed focusing on financial stabilization, mindset change and organizational development.
We are pleased to announce: mission accomplished!

Outstanding Global

We are happy to annouce our cooperation with Nigel Hughes and his company Outstanding.Global. Celebrating diversity worldwide, Nigel and his team inspire leadership development with colourful artistic perspectives. Looking forward to the next joint adventure! See:

We transform as well…

After 15 years of great partnership, Dr. Hans Walker retired as named partner this summer. Klaus Neureuther took his place. Hans will stay a close friend and mentor. He is still active as a coach, so if you would like to get in contact with this extraordinary and in many regards well-travelleled man, this is his website:

Above the roofs of Berlin

Exiting workshop with a management team of the most relevant European Mobility company on FUTURE, trying to connect the many dots from Climate Change to the cultural need of travelling, from Next Gen to New Work, from Quantum Computing to Virtual Leadership … mind blowing! together with Gerd Bührig, faculty member of FUTUR/IO. 5/19

Corporate Top Talent Programme in India

In thrilling Bangalore: Start of a new cohort in the Asia/ Pacific region for a major tech company. Pax from Australia, India, China, Middle East and Europe: what a potential, what a mixture and what an inspirational experience for everybody… 4/19

Leadership Development in Abu Dhabi

Taking on responsibility based on a common framework of meaning is the challenge with multi-national staff. We could contribute to this in the UAE.

Strategy consulting in Jordan

We had the pleasure of supporting a project that advises Jordan’s ministries and chambers on trade facilitation. We helped with developing a Capacity Development Strategy.

A long way ahead

We are very pleased to support a programme hosted by UN ESCWA in Beirut, Lebanon, with methods and experiences in multi-stakeholder-management. This programme is aiming at nothing less than inspiring a future Civil Society in Syria.

More diagnostics for Development

For any development measure we need a validated baseline, therefore we have expanded our diagnostic portfolio with two more instruments: Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument HBDI® and Strengthscope®.

Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0

The MBTI® and EQi® assessments are two of today's most powerful tools for leadership development, organization development and personal development. We offer you both diagnostic instruments to get the data that helps you to understand the need for change in your organization and / or in yourself.

The Mastery of Inspirational Leadership

Inspire yourself and others - Create better team working - Take productive risks - Have compelling conversations …these are only a few aspects that we consider to be crucial in leadership. In cooperation with our British partner, Nigel Hughes, we offer an intensive 2days experience. Nigel is an actor, a key note speaker and an experienced management trainer. This is for people who want to challenge their individual leadership potential and enhance it dramatically. To learn more about, pls. contact us.

Health Management

We have formed an alliance with I.C.M.E. Healthcare. Successful and sustainable change in organizations need employees that feel taken care of. There are excellent corporate health management systems in Scandinavia and we are happy to support our partner in bringing these tested approaches to our customers.

Climate Change in Central Asia

One more exotic project in 2017: How to bring the idea of ecological meaningful forest management to communities in the high mountain regions of Kyrgystan? We are thrilled to have the chance to contribute to this International Climate Initiative. If you like to learn more about it, pls. contact us.

RE-Invent: “Cooperate goes Start–up”

We have been commissioned to design a programme for a multinational company that should inspire an re-organization process which is aiming at restructuring hierarchical structures towards more self-steering to master an increasing complex environment. In this programme we collaborate with some very promising Berlin start-ups.

Corporate Top Talents in China

For the third year, we are supporting the Corporate Top Talent-Pool of a large corporation. This year we will conduct various workshops to strengthen this group of very ambitious managers in Europe and for the first time in China.

Visualization of Workshops

Inspired by the Royal Society of Arts – Animate, we’ve managed to bring one more partner on board, Ralf Haake. Ralf is an experienced consultant and an artist capable to visualize a workshop simultaneously. The results are amazing and prove that ”A picture tells more than a thousand words”.

Pro bono: Refugees

Touched by the squalor of the refugees coming to Europe in 2015 and being convinced that people need support in their home regions to prevent an even bigger mass exodus, we are accompanying a project that will hopefully contribute to the stabilization of a refugee camp in Jordan. The plan is to build a health center and the necessary infrastructure with involvement and training of people in the camp.

Our Podcast

Here you find topics, which could be of interest for you. We'll add new podcasts on a regular basis.

Part 1:

"Principles of Crisis Management"

Part 2:

„After the crisis | how to establish trust in organizations.“


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